Girls, being strange, and searching

“You’re the strangest person. You’re just so raw and open. You vibrate on a very strange frequency.”

This is a quote from a TV show I started watching recently.

“Girls”, on HBO.

Actually I started watching it on Sunday. Two days ago. And that quote is from the season one finale, which I finished about 20 minutes ago.

It’s finals week.

But you know what? I’m so glad I started watching this show. It’s amazing and focuses on relevant things and it’s so well-written.

My friend Jake told me to give it a try and I can already tell it’s going to be one of my all-time favorites and that the characters are going to make an impact on me.

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Thus far, I’ve related most to the emotional development and personalities of the characters Marnie and Shoshanna.

Marnie is this beautiful, somewhat high-strung, internally confused, great friend who is trying to break her self-imposed boundaries, better herself, and figure out what she wants.

Shoshanna is still a student and she’s the preppiest out if the group, worries a lot, and has a lot of anxiety issues.

I guess I really just like watching them slowly break out of their shells and accept what their flaws are. They work on the ones that should be fixed or live with the ones that are inevitable and not detrimental to their life or those of others.

It makes me want to do the same and it makes me want them to be real so I can be their friend.

In one episode Shoshanna accidentally smokes crack. This is only relevant because it’s when she meets Ray.

Ray is Marnie’s ex-boyfriend’s friend and he is supposed to look after Shoshanna as her “crack spirit guide”. It turns into this whole debacle that ends with a scene between the two where you can sense some chemistry forming but don’t know what to make of it.

In the season finale he admits his feelings for her.

And I have to admit, I feel in love with the way he did it.

That’s the quote I started with.

It’s amazing because he tells her that she is raw and open and he is being the exact same thing. You can tell that he appreciates her for who she is, admires her in a way, and that even though they’ve known each other for a short time you can tell he wants to be a better person.

A better person around her. For her.

A better version of himself, but not a different one. He sees what he likes in her and he gravitates towards it and either consciously or subconsciously starts to act similarly.

And Shoshanna is fully aware of the odd frequency she vibrates on. And even though my dad always used to tell me, “Weird is good. Strange is bad.”, she’s strange in a good way.

In the best way.

Because she owns it!

And that’s something I’ve been trying to do. There’s lots of things about myself, some simply quirky and some more, truly strange, that I have been wanting to accept and trying to come to terms with.

After just 10 episodes of this show I feel so much more comfortable doing that.

That’s awesome.

This show is awesome.

And the finale really reminded me of what I look for in a person.

I want someone who makes me better. Who I want to be better for. Who accepts my strangeness. Who doesn’t judge. Who talks about their feelings. Who has a quirky side to them.

Not necessarily Zooey Deschanel quirky… or like, the male form of that. But just in their own way.

And even if they don’t necessarily like to run, take pictures, stay up late, drink coffee, play Guess Who, or talk about their feelings like I do… they just will. Maybe without even realizing it.

I’ll grow on them, they’ll grow on me, and we’ll grow together.

– slight tangent warning –

I really lost sight of who I am earlier this year, which I am just recently becoming able to talk about  openly and which I’ll probably talk about a lot more on this blog in the future.

Anyways. I lost sight of what I wanted, what I deserved, and what I stand for.

And all of this, everything I just talked about, is relevant because I’m starting to gain my sight back. Just like the girls on the show are. I couldn’t be happier about that.

With that, I bid you goodnight.

(but not really goodnight because I’m pulling an all-nighter to study)


1 thought on “Girls, being strange, and searching

  1. I love that you started a blog and Girls is one of my all time favorite shows, I’m dying over here waiting for the new season. Me personally, I like Jessa the best, she’s so free-spirited, has amazing style, and doesn’t give a shit and yeah she’s kinda fucked up (she did drop out of college to go to rehab for heroin) but it makes me love her even more because it makes her real, she’s not perfect and she doesn’t try to be.

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