About Me

My name is Mallory St.George, but since coming to college I’ve become commonly called “Bubbles”, hence the name of this blog.

The name grew out of my bubbly personality and Instagram username, thebubblyblonde. Feel free to follow me, but know that I mostly post pictures of food, outfits, my friends, and an unhealthy amounts of selfies. You were warned.

I was born in Silicon Valley, which some may brag about being down the street from Apple headquarters, but I find the Donut Wheel across the street much more relevant to my life.

I’m 21 years old and studying Journalism at Cal Poly. I plan on concentrating in Broadcast and becoming a reporter, after some time an anchor, and eventually executive producer.


Photo by: Sam Smith

I consider myself a mostly liberal individual with an open mind, but also a big mouth that also tends to be open because I never stop talking.

My favorite things to do in life are dance, go to the ocean, spend time with a close friend, write a poem, rap, or spoken word piece, have a meaningful conversation, compliment strangers, give advice, and eat.

I also love to run, write, sing in the shower, rock climb, film and edit video footage, edit music, speak in public, drink cappuccinos, smile, and take pictures of, well, everything.

Most of all, I love people. I truly think that every individual has something special to offer the world and a unique perspective on life that deserves to be heard.

This blog is my way of being heard.

And if you’re curious what you’ll be hearing about, here’s what Carbonation is all about. 

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